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History and Alumni


Original Reading Renegades : 1985 to 1990
After their formation, the Renegades were admitted into the United Kingdom American Football Association in 1985 where they competed in the Eastern Conference. They finished with a 3-5 record, narrowly missing out on a playoff spot to the Dunstable Cowboys.
The following year, the Renegades transferred over to the Budweiser League, where they competed in the Central conference of Division One. They soon got into their stride, recording a hard-fought win away to the Farnham Knights in their second game, and went on to have a consistent season which saw them win six out of their ten matches. They ultimately finished fourth out of eleven teams - however, due to the format of the league at that time, only the top placed team from each group in Division One qualified for the playoffs (which also included the top four teams from the Premier Division conferences along with the Plymouth Admirals, who finished as the top-performing team in Division Two) and so the Renegades were denied any post-season action. 1987 was to prove a much worse season, with the team failing to register a single win and only a tie gained against Salford-based team the Huskies helping them to avoid a complete washout.
After sitting out the 1988 season, the Renegades returned to senior action in 1989 when they joined the Combined Gridiron League. Placed in the four-team Southern Conference, they had an indifferent season which saw them finish with a 3-3 record, once again missing out on the playoffs.
After just one season in the CGL, the Reading Renegades transferred over to the British National Gridiron League where they competed in the First Division Southern Conference. Unfortunately, this new competition brought no joy and the Renegades finished bottom of the table, recording just one win at home to the Wight Rhinos. The club folded shortly after the season ended.

Year League Division Win Lose Draw
1990 BNGL First Division: Southern Conference 1 9 0
1989 CGL Baron First Division Southern Conference 3 3 0
1988 Did Not Compete        
1987 Budweiser Premier Division Central Conference 0 9 1
1986 Budweiser Division One Central Conference 6 4 0
1985 UKAFA Eastern Conference 3 5 0

Alumni Roster

Below is a roster of previous Renegades. If you aren't on the list and think you should be, or if you have any more information about the history of the Renegades email us at

Name Position Seasons Status
Jack HedgesOL1984-1987 & 2005-2006Refereeing
Paul FosterLB1984-1987 & 2005-2006Coaching
Jeff HollowayDL1985-1986Retired
Steve McMahonRB1986Retired
Carl MarshallQB2004-2006Retired
James BishWR2004-2006Retired
Jon SloanLB2004-2007Coaching
Alex TongRB2004-2007Sabbatical
Michael KnottQB2004-2007Coaching
Richard HedgesDL2004-2008Transferred
Tim HayDL2004-2009Reading Rebels
Michael PurdhamOL2004-2009Transferred
Joe WilliamsCB2005Retired
Joseph MeeganWR2005Retired
Richard BicknellTE2005-2006Retired
Ralph HydeCB2005-2006Retired
Rob LeanTE2005-2006Retired
Adam FrancOL2005-2006Retired
Chris BellRB2005-2006Retired
Travis GerberLB2005-2006Immigrated
Scott GoddardRB2005-2007Coaching
John ZinkusWR2005-2007Transferred
Phil BettOL2005-2009Retired
Brent GuilblinS2006Retired
Chris ReesRB2006Retired
Derek MorrowCB2006Retired
Dominic ArblasterOL2006Retired
Robert EvensCB2006Retired
Nick WillisLB2006-2007Retired
Mark BrownOL2006-2009Retired
Neil StoneLB2006-7Retired
Jonno PaytonDB2007Retired
Sam NashCB2007Retired
David BrownRB2007Retired
Steve GinnRB2007Retired
Nick KarzelCB2007Relocated
Ben JoyDL2007Retired
Chris DennyDB2007Sabbactical
Alan HarrisRB2007Retired
Gareth HavardOL2007Retired
Scott WheelerOL2007Retired
Neil McNamaraOL2007Retired
Aaron RoddyOL2007Retired
Andrew BainbridgeDL2007Retired
Andy AmosLB2007Retired
Clive LyttleRB2007-2008Retired
Nick PeksaOL2007-2009Retired
Matt AdamsTE2008Transferred
Andy GristLB2008Retired
Anthony CrossleyDB2008Retired
Stuart PollardDL2008Retired
Carl JenkinsOL2008Retired
David CrispLB2008Retired
Mark ChaffersOL2008Retired
Dan GuestLB2008Retired
Paul StackOL2008Retired
Dan JohnsonWR2008Retired
Ben CallusLB2008Retired
Gladwyn SamuelsOL2008Retired
Carric DooleyOL2008-2009Retired
Phil DemonteCo2008-2009Transferred
Sam ThorntonDL2008-9Reading Rebels
Chris HartleyOL2009Transferred
Rezz-J WillsOL2009Transferred
Andy DalgeishOL2009Transferred
Jason BrownRB2009Retired
Rupert OldcornDB2009Retired
Dave HennesseyLB2009Retired
James BintLB2009Retired
Harps VirkWR2009Retired
Drew CameronLB2009Immigrated
Tom Northcote-GreenOL2009Retired
Kenneth SniderOL2009Transferred
Elliot AdamsLB2009Retired